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Why we are proud to be "not so fast" groomers.

It is a really tough industry for quality groomers. People love their dogs and want them to be as comfortable as possible at all times. Most times for owners, this means you want them in and out of our salon as quick as possible. Trust me when I say this, we want the best for your pets, too... so, for groomers, this means taking whatever time your pet needs to finish their groom safely and be gorgeous! However, we get behind easily...and on a regular basis. It could be because we spend a little more time on a nervous dog, or a specific haircut, or a senior pup... sometimes it has nothing to do with the pets... sometimes its spending a little more time with an owner at check-in to ease their minds and get the best idea of what trim they want, or answering a phone call and taking some time to answer questions for someone that had bad experiences at previous places. We WANT to spend extra time for all of these! It's necessary in my opinion. At my grooming salon, I encourage my groomers NOT to rush. Rushing is when mistakes are made, nail trims are missed, accidents happen... I, myself, am probably the slowest groomer I know lol but I am proud of every haircut that leaves my table. People trust me with their pets. Not because I am fast. Because they like my product, my vibe, my positivity with the dogs... and that's what my salon is based on. Yes, most small dogs take an average of 2 hours from start to finish. Large dogs are about 3 hours, give or take. Add in a 15 minute check-in, a 10 minute phone call, a nervous dog that needs some coercion for a nail trim, a senior dog that needs to sit every few minutes, a matted or overgrown dog that needs to be shaved before they're bathed (which essentially takes the time of 2 haircuts), an impacted undercoat ... and bam ... all of a sudden, you're an hour and a half behind, owners are calling or showing up (which we totally understand) and now, the groomer is stressed. Which turns into a viscous cycle. Then, the dog feels the stress and now we are all trying, as a team, to regroup and get back on track. We love all of our clients and every single pet that steps onto our table. We know that you plan your days around your dog's visit to us. Please know we do our best to keep things on track. Most days when we get behind, we don't sit down, we don't eat, I barely even know what my bathroom looks like at my own salon haha. But the dogs are happy. And that's really all I want... and we know that's all owners want, too. So, I apologize in advance as well as to people it's already happened to... we will always do our best to have your dogs in and out. But we will also almost always get behind for one reason or another and I have instilled in my staff that quality is much better than a rushed job and even if the owner is irritated (which happens and we totally understand and feel bad every time for us being behind and making others get behind in their day), we know we did our best with the dog's best interest in mind. Peace, Love ... and Paws 🥰🐕