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An accident happened

An accident happened in the grooming salon yesterday. As a caring dog groomer and an honest business owner, it broke my heart. So, I wanted to blog about it and honestly disclose what happened and why because no matter how hard anyone tries, there will always be things that happen out of our control. The best prevention is education. 

A regular client came in with her cocker-poo. He is a great little dog. During his bath, we always check and express anal glands. Our bather, Haley could not express them easily so she called me in to help. She held him and I tried but they were very full nd almost impacted and he flailed in discomfort, so I did my best but called it quits and we moved on with the bath. As she got to his ears, they seemed infected and packed full of gunk. Our policy is if there's a suspected infection, we won't mess with the ears since it needs a veterinarian's expertise. So we left those alone as well. For the blow dryer, we dried his body but have notes on his account he hates his face dried. So we placed him in a crate to fan dry his face. He came out for the grooming process and everything went normal. He's great on the table, stands like a statue, even falls asleep...

Then, I noticed it.

His left eye was bright red. Not the eyeball itself, but the lining between the lid and the eye was beat red. Immediately I called the owner, let her know. I had never seen anything like it. Something had really irritated the eye. My initial thought was maybe a clogged duct from hair or residual from the ear infection on that side. 

She picked him up and it got worse. So she took him to the emergency vet. According to the vet, this could have only happened with some kind of sudden trauma.

My heart sank. 

Everything went normal besides the anal glands and the ear infection. Not one thing out of the ordinary.

Luckily, he will be back to normal in no time. But, unless something happened during the struggle for glands or whether he shook his head in discomfort in the crate, there was no explanation! 

This is a prime example of why our policies on anal glands and ears is that if we can't do it easily and the dog is in discomfort, it is much better to consult with a vet. But that still would not have prevented a true accident. It could've happened to any dog in any salon. 

But it happened here. It still has a pit in my stomach. So I had to share, and be open and honest with all of our clients... 

These things can happen. We have our salon wide open for the world to see for a reason. We accept our clients staying for grooms for a reason. We are safe, careful, loving... and even still, we have accidents. 

I had to get it off my chest and out in the world.