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Let's talk about dog breeders

Reputable breeders only breed for ONE reason. TO BETTER THE BREED!

Dog breeders that love their breed and have a passion for making the history and bloodlines that much better are the ones you should search for when going to purchase a dog. This is an investment. If you find a cheap, "backyard" breeder, you may end up paying MORE in medical bills to keep your pet healthy!

Let's talk about genetic things that could possibly be avoided with proper breeding practices...

-Skin allergies (yes, they are genetic just like all other allergies!) Some breeds are more prone to these (shih-tzus, cocker spaniels, etc...) but if the breeder is breeding dogs with these allergies, what do you expect from the puppies? These breeders are quite literally breeding dogs into families that are costing them thousands of dollars to treat allergy symptoms for their entire lives.

-Joint problems. Luxating patellas, hip dysplasia, crooked front legs... these are all genetic traits that could possibly be avoided. Sometimes the parent dogs do not have these, but if a puppy does... they probably shouldn't breed those parents anymore. Because if there's one there's a high chance there are more (or will be more) puppies with that same problem!

-Cancer. Again... some breeds are more prone to this... but with genetic testing done on the parents, this could very well be avoided!

What about the "Designer Breeds"?

You know... the doodles and schnoodles and puggles and great danoodles and the oodle oodle oodles!

I, personally, LOVE doodles and anything mixed with a poodle. Because, let's face it... they're freaking adorable and sweet.

BUT! A lot (not all) of these oodle breeders skip out on a lot of very important genetic testing. There are blood tests that quality poodles go through as well as goldens or cockers or any other breed. If they are combining the 2 together, that's double the risk of a genetic trait and they don't have to test either one because these are not pure bred dogs! A lot (again, not all) do not educate the purchasers of the lifelong care and training level these dogs need. Grooming every 4-6 weeks, high energy levels, etc... They sell them to people because they're so cute!!

Let that sink in.

These breeders are 1) Charging more and 2) Not providing a pure breed and 3) Skipping out on a LOT of the cost of breeding a quality pet.

So, if your oodle noodle doodle ends up with allergies, cancer, luxating patellas.... who do you think is to blame here? MOST of the time, this is poor breeding standards.

Let's talk about the care of these breeds from a quality breeder.

A quality breeder will educate their buyers! They want the best for their puppies! They will let you know they need grooming every 4-6 weeks, combing, training, energy levels etc.... Good breeders will do temperament testing with all parents and puppies to make sure they are going to fit your lifestyle!

A poor breeder will tell you, they are adorable, you don't need to groom them that much if you want them fluffy and they're so smart and fun you hardly have to train them!


and then months later when these uneducated people go to the groomer or the vet, their dog is matted to the skin and then they get mad at the groomer for having to shave it.... I have this conversation on a regular basis. Not exaggerating even a little.

So please .... EDUCATE YOURSELF on proper breeding for the breed you are looking for! Do research on their temperaments!!

Do research on the coat care and grooming regimen for the breed!

Also, all of those who rescue dogs... please do NOT be mad at the people purchasing well bred dogs from reputable dog breeders. These people have done their research, made an investment and have just as much right to a purebred dog as you do a shelter dog. And I give a standing ovation to those who do either one of these things.

The only thing I hate is a backyard breeder, sending poorly bred dogs into the world to suffer with uneducated owners who can't afford their care.... and how do you think they end up in shelters??

Food for thought....