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How to find the right groomer.

We've all seen those scary posts online of a groomer harming a dog. Not just the accidents... but the manhandling, the choking, the yelling... it happens and we all know it too well.

I can't say this loud enough to owners. IF YOU HAVE A GUT FEELING YOUR DOG SHOULD NOT STAY, DON'T LET THEM STAY.

All groomers aren't the right fit for you. All of us aren't bad and I can explain why these groomers get pushed to their limits and these behaviors happen. It doesn't make it right. I'll write a blog about this behavior and why after completing this one...

Groomers! Your clients have been to other salons and seen them 30 deep in dogs and yelling the instructions to a groomer that is too busy to stop what they are doing to take time aside and discuss their needs! They are nervous. Which makes the dog nervous! Please. Please take a few minutes to talk to your clients. It's in the best interest of the dog and you have less miscommunication. Customer service, groomers... I love you all but I also know that we are dog people... not people people and customer service isn't our strong point but it is part of the job... and for the dogs! Don't be rude.

Clients! If you are looking for a cheaper salon to just get the job done and your dog does really well in social environments, by all means, these high volume salons are a great fit for a lot of people and pets. However, if your dog is nervous and easily stressed in overwhelming environments, please take the time to interview different salons to make sure it's a right fit. Your dog may need some extra time to blow dry on a lower setting or might benefit from a one on one service with less dogs around. These options are usually a little more expensive but totally worth the better experience. Sometimes groomers will have slower days to offer as well for no additional fee.

Things to ask a groomer:

- How many dogs do you do in a day?

- How do you blow-dry the dogs?

- How are your appointments scheduled? Assembly line style or Express appoinments?

- Are your services all inclusive or do you charge extra for ears, nails, etc?

- Experience with your particular breed?

- How would you handle an aggressive or wiggly dog?

- What is your emergency pet policy? Do they call your vet or theirs? Do they call you right away or after the vet?

There are no right or wrong answers. But now you understand why it is so beneficial to ask these questions!

Oh! Lastly, please read the groomer's liability waivers! I know you all skim it over without reading the details... but these can tell you a lot about your groomer!! I promise!


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