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Dog Groomers and Clients 101

So here it is! The 1st blog.

Let's make it about the communication and dog groomers understanding owners and vice versa.

Groomers and dog owners need to know a lot of things… but this one thing is very important. There are 2 types of clients. There’s nothing wrong with either one, might I preface. There are quite a few types of groomers as well but we'll touch on that another blog.

There are dog owners. These people have dogs with a purpose, even if that purpose is only to be a companion. But these dogs have boundaries and confidence in their owner. “No, you can’t jump on anyone. No you can’t run after that squirrel. You heal. Behave. I am your confidence.”

There are also pet parents. They have dogs to love and to make the pets have a better life. “I got her a harness because she pulls and chokes herself with a collar and the retractable leash let’s her explore. She’s a really nervous rescue dog, so this helps her confidence.”

Because of the difference, there can be a LOT of miscommunication. Most groomers are dog owners. Most clients are pet parents. You see where I’m going with this? DOG PSYCHOLOGY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW AS ANY TYPE OF OWNER.

Since opening my grooming business, I have catered to pet owners because their feelings are often dismissed at other salons. Groomers ignore owners' worries and have a tendency for poor customer service.

As a groomer, I'll admit... I’ve done it. “Listen, Edith… your dog stops jumping erratically on the gate and screaming when you leave because you’re the one that’s nervous and she feeds on that because you reward her erratic behavior with love and kisses and make it worse because she thinks that’s what you want her to do!” And pet parents don’t know this because they treat their dogs like people…and dog psychology is MUCH different than people but they don’t know that! (You can research this at sites like this https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-psychology)

So how do we fix it? Because … as groomers, we love them all. Regardless of their owner. Because we know that at the end of the day, they’re only so crazy because they love their dog!

Honesty and kindness. See it from their perspective. They’ve been treated like crap at another place. Their worries discarded. Their dog might’ve even had a bad experience!

So with this blog. My goal is to bring the communication between dog owners and pet parents to an understanding.

So here it is! The first blog!

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