Meet our Team Members

Chamellia Lewis

Owner & Groomer

Cami opened The Sarasota Dog Salon in 2017 with only a handful of dedicated clients that followed her all over Sarasota throughout her grooming career that began in 2009.

Her specialty is geriatric dogs or dogs that need a little more patience and care. She also enjoys any breed standard, show quality trims as well as hand stripping.

Cami's family is Steven Giummo and their 2 kids, Hudson and Hadley. They also own 4+ Farm and Supply in Arcadia, FL which is home to 3 horses, a poodle and an american bulldog, Darla the pig, a cat named Moo-Moo, bantam chickens, 2 peacocks, and a homing pigeon that just showed up one day who they named Jimmy and he's never left.

She has a YouTube channel based on business, family and farm life

and other websites for her grooming and horse supplies.

Shanna Birdwell

Head Groomer

Shanna started her journey grooming in St. Pete in 2012. She came to The Sarasota Dog Salon in 2019. She is certified for Skin & Coat, Geriatric Dogs, Difficult Dogs, K9 First Aid & CPR, and quite a few more!

Her love of grooming any breed, mixed breed or purebred shows on every pup she finishes!

Shanna and her fiance, Ron, have a yorkie-poo named Tank, a standard parti poodle named Maui, and a cat named Olive!

Hailey Sagel


Hailey began her grooming career right here at The Sarasota Dog Salon in 2019! She started as a bather and assistant but diligently worked her way onto the next steps and became the amazing groomer she is today.

She loves Yorkies, Poodles, Dachshunds, Aussies and Terriers. Though she has been grooming a short time, she does amazing work and the dogs love her.

Hailey has a Yorkie named Mia, a few horses including her Georgian Grande, Heff, with whom she does eventing and fox hunting.

Megan Burg


Megan also started her grooming career here with us at The Sarasota Dog Salon! She has an amazing artistic eye that just made her naturally pick up the art of grooming dogs.

She loves grooming all dogs but is exceptional with teddy bear trims and haircuts that are breed standard patterns.

Megan and Kevin have their heeler/corgie mix, Royce, a pomeranian puppy named Badger and an array of little exotic pets such as reptiles and regal jumping spiders.

Kevin Etter

Retail Manager, K9 Nutrition Specialist,Front Office Foreman

Kevin has a background in K9 Nutrition and Pet Retail.

His love for any animal, no matter how small or large, has made him the perfect addition to our team here at The Sarasota Dog Salon. He maintains our schedule, front office work and he manages our retail section. Kevin can evaluate your pet's nutritional needs and select diets to maintain any dog at their best potential. Dogs love him and his kind, positive energy!

Kevin and Megan work very well together and she regularly quizzes him on dog breeds, coat types and temperament to keep him on his toes.

Juliet Summerall

Grooming Assistant

Juliet may be our youngest team member but she works very hard! Her leadership skills and confidence really sets the dogs at ease when she works with them on bathing and prepping.

Her specialty is de-shedding treatments and she takes a lot of pride in making sure all of the dogs are squeeky clean and ready for the world.

Juliet has a heeler/curr mix named Malibu and a horse named Turbo. We can't wait to see what this young lady has in store for the world.